No-fault Divorce helps reduce the pain of separation.


U.K. law now allows couples to divorce without assigning blame

The end of a relationship will always be difficult, but U.K. law now allows married couples and civil partners to divorce without assigning blame or proving fault. This makes the process of separation simpler, cheaper and less adversarial. Most divorces can now be dealt with on-line, without needing to attend Court.

Our team can guide and support you (and your ex-partner if you wish) through the new process from start to finish, helping you with the on-line Court proceedings, and advising on the other legal and financial consequences of your divorce. Our No-fault Divorce support service costs £300, guiding both parties to the marriage if you agree to this.

We can also help separating couples to think about and make Shared Parenting agreements for the future shared care of their children.

Divorce or separation normally has consequences for inheritance, and we can help with these and other issues such as Wills, Trusts and financial provision.