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Life-shaping legal documents and services from Brighton & Hove.

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Living Wills

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Change of Name Deeds

Pre-Marriage/Pre-Nuptial & Partnership Agreements

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No-fault Divorce

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We use our skills and the latest tools to make your Will

Wills & Trusts

Making a Will makes sure that your wishes are respected, your assets reach your loved ones, and that you and those that you leave behind have peace of mind.

Trusts can help with planning ahead for taxation, care home and school fees.

We provide a high quality personal service, visiting you to discuss your circumstances, advising on inheritance and taxation, and preparing any necessary Wills, Deeds of Trust and Letters of Instruction to your satisfaction.

Our personal Will and Estate Planning service costs £275 for one person, and £450 for a couple.

An LPA means you are ready for the unexpected

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney are legal documents that give someone you trust the authority to make decisions on your behalf if can't do this because of accident or illness.

The unexpected can happen at any age, and by creating LPAs early, you choose who manages your health & welfare, or property & financial affairs, avoiding legal and financial complications for you and your loved ones.

Our LPA service costs £150 for both types of LPA together, including meeting, advice, preparation & registration of your LPAs with the Office of the Public Guardian (plus Registration fee 2 x £82).

Planning makes a lasting relationship

Relationship Planning

Marrying or entering into a Civil Partnership? A Pre-nuptial agreement isn't unromantic; it's a practical and responsible step to clarify financial issues in case of future problems. It can also set out expectations about children, religious practice, or other matters.

Agreements help clear communication and safeguard both partners' interests, reducing potential conflict and ensuring fairness, which can strengthen your relationship's foundation.

Our Pre-nuptial agreement service costs £200 including meeting, preparation and signing, and helps make a bond that can last a lifetime.

No fault Divorce reduces the painreakdown.

Divorce & Relationship Breakdown

Relationship breakdown is always difficult, but U.K. law now allows couples to divorce without assigning blame or proving fault, making it simpler, cheaper and less adversarial.

We can guide and support you through the new process from start to finish, and advise on other legal and financial consequences of your divorce. Our No-fault Divorce support service costs £300, guiding both parties to the marriage if you agree to this.

We can also help separating couples to make Shared Parenting agreements for the future care of their children.

We are the Change of Name specialists

Change of Name Deeds

Change of Name Deeds are needed when a person wants to legally change their name due to personal preference, marriage, divorce, gender transition, cultural or religious reasons, correction of errors, privacy or safety concerns, adoption, or professional branding. Our personal service means you get it right first time.

We offer a full Premium Change of Name Service including Deeds, advice on contacting agencies and organisations about the change, and template letters for £75.

We also offer a basic Change of Name Deed service for £50.

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General Business and Personal Legal Advice & Services

We can help with a variety of legal issues encountered by individuals, businesses or organisations.

Our services include legal advice, document drafting, and document review across a range of areas including employment, tenancies, goods, debtors and creditors.

Feel free to ask if we can help. If we can't, we'll find someone who can.

It costs nothing to ask and we could solve your issue quickly and cost effectively.

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